A Room-by-Room Guide to Picking Window Treatments

When you are choosing window treatments for your household, you may find that certain types of window coverings work for some rooms, but not for others. While custom shades may be the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom, they may not be as functional in your kitchen space. A company that offers Hunter Douglas blinds in Castle Rock can help you pick out the best window treatments for every room in your home. To assist you with the installation process, here is a room-by-room guide to picking window treatments. Guide to pick window treatment in castle Rock


The window treatments in your bedroom will need to provide you with privacy, light protection, and style. If you are the type of sleeper who prefers to have a darker room, you may want to invest in blackout shades or curtains. Other types of window treatments, such as roman shades or horizontal blinds, are perfectly functional bedroom spaces. For added convenience, you may want to pick out window treatments that you can operate from bed.

Living Room

Your living room will provide you with many versatile window treatment options. Ideally, you will want to make sure that your window treatments match the overall look and feel of your living room space. If you have a classically styled living room, for example, you may want to invest in dramatic drapes or curtains. Wood blinds and shutters can add both style and functionality to your living room windows.


The window treatments in your kitchen may be subjected to additional stains and messes from the foods that you prepare and eat. Typically, many homeowners choose to avoid drapes or other fabric-based curtains in their modern kitchens. With a new wood blind installation, you will be able to protect your kitchen windows with treatments that are both stain resistant and easy to clean. Kitchen windows that are much longer or larger and size may be good candidates for vertical blinds or other types of floor to ceiling window treatments.


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