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Motorized External Blinds in Denver, CO

Are you having trouble controlling the temperature of your home throughout the day? Does the sun beat down on certain sides of your home, causing specific rooms to be hotter than others? Are you tired of constantly adjusting the thermostat and being blinded by sun rays? Motorized external blinds are the perfect solution.

Your interior temperatures will increase as a result of the sunbeams transferring heat to the glass. Our exterior blinds have a wide range of glass sizes and functions that can cover all types of glazing sizes throughout your home, including windows, sliding and folding patio doors, roof lights, skylights, conservatories, pergolas, and verandas.

At Value Blinds & Shutters, we work with top-name brands to provide our Denver customers with the very best. Learn more about the benefits of motorized external blinds, and visit our showroom to see for yourself!

External blinds

What Are External Shades?

For a variety of reasons, outdoor blinds are becoming more and more popular in many houses. They are more than simply attractive design accents that only liven up your home and improve its curb appeal. They perform an excellent job of shielding the house from inclement weather, especially the UV radiation of the sun, which may harm the walls, floors, and furnishings within the building. Motorized outdoor blinds are a terrific way to reclaim your outdoor areas if you’ve been missing the time you can spend outside while relaxing on your patio.

Weather-resistant exterior solar blinds save energy expenditures by covering the interiors with a sizable shield. They aid in preventing the sweltering sun’s rays from reaching the inside, guaranteeing maximum comfort and enhancing the appeal of your property.

By avoiding costly and pricey interior decor fading from prolonged UV exposure, they can help you save a lot of money. This is due to their exterior-rated, tough materials and components with dust- and moisture-resistant engineering.

Benefits of Motorized External Blinds

There are many great benefits of installing external motorized blinds in your Denver home or business. Some of our favorite reasons include:

  • Simple, One-Touch Controls: Whether or whether your shades are within physical reach, the motorization enables rapid access to them. If the window blinds are within 65 feet of where you are, you may operate more than one at once, thanks to the motorized function.
  • Comfort at All Hours: You should only let in as much light as you desire without compromising your preferences. You can adjust the shades’ tilt, open or close them, and set their timers to operate when you want them to.
  • Stylish and Luxurious: The finest in modern technology is yours with motorized blinds, which are also a standout feature of a chic, modern living room. They stay away from using a messy, hanging cable.
  • Set It and Forget It: If your children or dogs are within reach of corded blinds, they run the risk of damaging your window treatments and impairing their functionality, so you can opt to sit back and unwind in peace. The advantage of having motorized window coverings is having complete control over them via a remote that you can always have nearby.

Add Smart Sensors to Your Blinds

Depending on the brand you select, you may be able to add heat sensors to work with your blinds. The blinds will open when the room reaches a certain temperature, thanks to these heat and light sensors.

Additionally, you can add rain and wind sensors, which, should the wind speed reach a certain threshold, will cause the exterior blinds to retract. All of these features happen naturally without your input, leading to an impressive, hands-free, and luxurious experience.

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You won’t find a more extensive assortment of Hunter Douglas products and window coverings from other top companies in the neighborhood than what you’ll discover at our store when it comes to shades, blinds, and shutters. We specialize in offering uniquely developed solutions that look amazing and give a long lifespan of dependability. In addition to adding elegance and enhancing the décor, window coverings also offer seclusion, insulation, and the ability to set moods in each space.

Chat with our team of experts today about installing external motorized blinds in your Denver home or business.

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