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 Refresh Your Home with Woven Wood and Bamboo Shades

Window treatments are an often-overlooked aspect of interior design. However, the right combination of texture, color, and durability can add an extra layer of sophistication to your space, keep your home cool, and provide energy-saving benefits. Window shades are also simple to swap out, making it easy to keep up with the latest home design fashions. With our woven wood and bamboo shades from Value Blinds & Shutters in Castle Rock, CO, you can refresh your interior design scheme and stay on trend.

What Are Woven Wood/Bamboo Shades?

Woven wood shades are an easy, affordable way to make your home more stylish. They are a type of window treatment that is crafted from bamboo, rattan, jute, or other similar varieties of natural grass. The fibers are woven together in a specific pattern to create a naturally beautiful finish. Also known as natural shades or matchstick shades, woven wood shades can add an organic flair to your space while coordinating with your home’s unique interior design. Available in a plethora of different colors, fibers, and textures, there are woven wood shades to fit every style and budget.


How Do They Compare to Traditional Window Treatments?

Many customers prefer woven wood shades over traditional window treatments due to their vibrant appearance. While standard models such as cellular shades and pleated shades serve their intended function, they can tend to be a bit boring or uninspired. Woven wood shades are a convenient method of elevating your home design scheme without breaking the bank or undergoing a rigorous renovation or remodel. Combining an easy installation process with effortless style, woven wood shades are perfect for the contemporary homeowner in the Denver area.

The Benefits of Woven Wood/Bamboo Shades

In addition to their chic appearance, woven wood or bamboo shades are quite versatile. Depending on the color and weave pattern, they can seamlessly blend with just about any aesthetic. Woven wood window shades can also be used in conjunction with your pre-existing curtains or drapes, allowing you to layer your window treatments for a customized look.

Visibility Levels of Woven Wood Shades

The visibility level of a window shade refers to the amount of light that can penetrate the material. For example, black-out curtains would have an extremely low degree of visibility, while standard blinds would have an average level. Woven wood shades can have varying levels of visibility depending on the thickness of the fiber and the proximity of the weave pattern. Bamboo is typically thicker and will offer more privacy than a material like jute, although a tightly-knit weave can mitigate a high visibility level. Photos can be deceiving, so we recommend taking a look at our woven wood shades in person to get a better feel for their texture.

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