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Cold weather can create uncomfortable drafts and make your energy bills spike. Winter-proofing your windows is a proven method to combat both of these problems without paying for a complete window replacement. Here are six window winter-proofing tips to try.

Install Window Film

If you have any windows you’re confident you won’t be opening until spring, try applying insulating window film. This is essentially shrink-wrap installed a few inches from the glass, trapping air between the plastic and the pane. Window insulation kits are available online or at your local hardware store.

Replace Your Window Coverings

A more aesthetically pleasing way to insulate your windows is to replace your flimsy blinds or ripped shades with high-end, insulating window treatments. Any window covering is better than nothing, but here are some of the most insulating products to look for:

Caulk the Windows

Check around every window in your home for signs of deteriorating caulk. Any resulting gaps or cracks around the frame could allow heated air to leak outside, raising your energy bills as a result. Strip away cracked caulk and reapply a smooth bead to refresh the window seal and make your home more comfortable all winter long.

Replace the Weatherstripping

Do any of your windows fail to close tightly? This is another major source of air leaks. Check each window to see if any weatherstripping is present. If there is none or the existing weatherstripping has deteriorated, replace it to create a more airtight seal. One side of weatherstripping is adhesive, so you can stick it directly to the frame, ensuring the sash compresses it as it closes.

Use Draft Snakes

When new caulk and weatherstripping isn’t enough, try placing draft snakes on your windowsills. These soft fabric tubes block those pesky drafts to make sitting near the window more comfortable. If you don’t want to buy draft snakes, you can make your own by sewing tubes out of fleece or another soft material and filling them with dried rice.

Take Advantage of Sunlight

One completely effortless way to warm up your home in the winter is to open the window shutters, blinds, and shades when it’s sunny outside. The resulting solar heat gain provides free heating during the day. Then, remember to close your insulating window coverings at night to trap the warmth inside.

If you decide to replace your window coverings as part of your winter-proofing efforts, check out the high-end offerings available at Value Blinds & Shutters. We are Colorado’s premier window treatment company, supplying and installing name-brand products in Denver-area homes and businesses for over 18 years. To request your free in-home consultation, please call us at 303-663-8120 or contact us online today. You can also visit our showroom in Castle Rock on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

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