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If you’re considering a new window treatment installation to replace your current window coverings, you should investigate energy-efficient window treatments in Castle Rock. An energy-efficient window treatment installation can decrease your home’s heating and cooling costs, increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, and make your home more comfortable overall. Here is a guide to picking out energy-efficient window treatments.

Window Blind Installation

There are two different types of blinds that can reduce summer heat gain: vertical blinds and horizontal window blinds. Custom blinds can be designed and professionally installed to create a window covering that completely prevents heat transference through your home’s windows. Cellular window blinds trap air in their cells, preventing air from your home’s heating and cooling system from exiting through the windows. Wood blinds and composite wood blinds can either block or redirect sunlight, preventing it from warming up a room. Aluminum window blinds can reflect light and heat away from your windows and significantly reduce heat gain.

Custom Shutters

There are a variety of custom shutter styles, designs, and materials that can make your home more energy-efficient. Custom shutters are one of the most energy-efficient window treatments available, because they effectively reduce both heat gain and heat loss. Exterior shutters provide significant window insulation, as well as weather protection, additional security, and prevention of thermal shock. Solid panel window shutters are also very energy-efficient, as there is no heat loss or heat gain through the slats of the shutters. Interior wood shutters, vinyl shutters, and composite wood shutters block and redirect sunlight, much like window blinds.

Window Shade Installation

Custom shades are very simple and effective energy-efficient window treatments. Window shades are available in a variety of materials and styles that can block solar rays and reduce heat gain and loss. Roller shades consist of several layers of material that act as insulation, an air barrier, and control air filtration. A dual window shade installation is reflective on one side, and heat absorbent on the other, and can be reversed with the seasons.

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