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Shutters come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to match the look and feel of your home. Choosing the right combination of features for your Denver-area shutter installation can give your home the look and feel you want, as well as some protection from sun and heat. Here are some the window shutter types you’re likely to come across while shutter-shopping for your home.

Louvred Shutters

Classic and simple, louvred shutters are a go-to shutter type for a wide range of home styles from country to contemporary. When these shutters are hinged to the outside of your home, you’ll get excellent privacy with just a little bit of light coming through the slats.

Raised Panel Shutters

Another classic style, raised panel shutters provide greater privacy and protection from the sun, which means they’re an ideal companion to interior energy-saving window coverings. Like louvred shutters, raised panel shutters fit a variety of home styles, and are typically available in a wide variety of materials including wood, composite, and vinyl.

Shaker-Style and Plantation Shutters

While lowered and raised panel shutters are usually installed on your home’s exterior, shaker and plantation shutters are installed and operated from inside the home. Both styles of shutters fit directly into your window opening, adding a decorative element to your home’s interior and, in many cases, eliminate the need for other kinds of window coverings. plantation shutters are a great substitute for blinds because they allow homeowners to regulate the amount of light entering the home using pivoting louvres.

Combination Shutters

If one of the options above isn’t sufficient, it’s possible to customize your shutters to incorporate different styles and functions to meet your needs. Exterior shutters that are half paneled and half louvred are commonly found in Denver area homes. You can also cust/omize the size and width of interior shutters to capture the right balance between style, privacy, and energy efficiency. Café shutters, for example, are shorter plantation shutters which cover only part of the window are designed primarily for privacy over sun protection.

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