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When you select your new shutters near Castle Rock, you may have many different questions about these window treatments. For example, you may wonder how to clean them and which material is the best option for your house. These questions and more are answered below. Take a quick look at simple answers to common questions about selecting new shutters.

Which Is the Best Shutter Material?

Shutters are typically made from wood, faux wood, or vinyl. Each material has its own unique attributes. Your decision will likely be based upon your personal preference. Wood window shutters are made from high-quality hardwoods, and they are exceptionally strong. Faux wood shutters are made from a synthetic polymer, which gives shutters incredible strength and the appearance of natural wood. Vinyl shutters come in a variety of colors and will last as long as other shutter materials. They are also less likely to warp or crack over their lifetime.

Are Shutters the Best Treatment Choice?

There are many window treatment options, such as blinds, shades, and shutters. Shutters are considered one of the best window treatments, because they require less maintenance, they are attractive, and they can last for several years. Determining if shutters are the best choice is up to you and your personal preferences, but you will not regret choosing shutters for your window treatments.

Do Shutters Require Extensive Cleaning?

The low-maintenance quality of window shutters is one of the biggest benefits of choosing shutters. Unlike blinds and shades—which often require professional cleaning—shutters only need to be dusted on a regular basis. If you remove dust and dirt buildup regularly, then your shutters will last for several years and look brand-new.

Can I Customize My New Shutters?

If you choose natural wood shutters, then you can choose between a paint or stain to customize the color. Vinyl shutters also come in a variety of colors to match your tastes. If you have nonstandard window sizes or shapes, then your qualified shutter installer can customize your new shutters to fit your windows.

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