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A person cleaning blinds with a yellow cloth

Purchasing new custom shades or blinds can be a significant investment for any household. After you have installed your brand new Hunter Douglas blinds in Castle Rock, you will want to protect your investment by maintaining your window treatments correctly. Wood shutters and other types of blinds and shades require special cleaning techniques in order to remain free of dust, dirt, and debris. Read on for an overview of some recommended cleaning methods for taking care of your blinds and shades.

Follow Specific Cleaning Instructions

Each type of window treatment material has its own, unique cleaning requirements. To achieve the best results from your cleaning procedures, while also preventing damage or staining, you will need to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning and care. Wooden shades, for example, may lose their finish if they are cleaned with a wet cloth or towel. A lightly damp cloth or dry sponge may be necessary for cleaning off delicate surfaces.

Use a Vacuum Cleaning Attachment

Your household vacuum may be your best ally for keeping your blinds and shades clean. If your vacuum has a nozzle, there may be an attachment or setting that is specifically designed for cleaning the surface of your window treatments. Once a week, you can eliminate dust and debris by gently vacuuming your blinds or shade. Taking the time to remove this build-up will make it easier to deep clean your window treatments when the time comes.

Invest in a Dry Sponge

A conventional sponge may not be suited for use on the surface of your luxury blinds or shades. Too much water can cause your blinds to warp or lose their original finish. A dry sponge can allow you to wipe down the surface of your blinds or shades, without the need to use water or excess cleaning chemicals. If you are planning on giving your window treatments a deep clean, you may want to consider investing in one or more dry sponges to help you with the task.

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