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A Look at PowerView From Hunter Douglas

Motorized window coverings in Castle Rock are becoming more popular every day, especially as more homeowners have smartphones and tablets. With this growth in technology in mind, Hunter Douglas has created PowerView blinds and custom shades to accommodate every homeowner’s window treatment needs.

As seen in the short video, Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds are controlled through a tablet, smartphone, or separate controller. Homeowners can set up various “room scenes” that automatically control the PowerView window treatments to open or close throughout the day. These room scenes are in accordance with different needs, such as waking up in the morning or increased privacy at night. PowerView blinds can even be controlled to open and close according to the exact sunrise and sunset time. In addition to all of these attributes, PowerView blinds are battery-controlled and cordless for ease and safety. Speak with a Hunter Douglas installer right away to learn more about PowerView blinds.

Removing a Shade With Your Hunter Douglas Powerview® Pebble® Remote

Part of the appeal of Hunter Douglas window treatments in Castle Rock is their versatility, which lets you customize your home and enjoy your living space. Adjusting and removing shades is simple as long as you know how the process works. Watch this video and use your Hunter Douglas PowerView® Pebble® Remote Control to remove a shade.

Removing a shade is as easy as pressing the right combination of buttons on your PowerView® Pebble® Remote Control. Hold the stop button until the indicator lights start to blink, then release the button and press the group number of the shade you want to remove. The number’s light should blink, and you can hold down the shade head rail’s manual control button. Press the close button on the remote, and then release the manual control button. Hold down the stop button until the indicator lights are no longer blinking and remove the shade.

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