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Wood window shutters are an attractive alternative to blinds, drapes, and other traditional window treatments. Interior wood shutters are not only decorative but extremely functional, as they can be fine-tuned to allow varying amounts of light to enter a room. The slats can also be adjusted to block light out completely and provide maximum privacy. If you’ve recently purchased plantation shutters in Denver, the following guide will help keep your wood shutters looking their best.

Cleaning Products

The good news is that keeping wood shutters clean doesn’t require a lot of equipment. You’ll need a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, but you probably already have one of those lying around the house. You’ll also need a dusting cloth and a wood polish spray. A toothbrush will also come in handy, especially when you try to clean the small areas between and behind the wood slats. Just remember to keep your shutter toothbrush with your cleaning supplies so no one accidently puts it in their mouth. Your Denver shutter provider can recommend the best wood polish sprays to use on your new plantation shutters.

Cleaning Process

Depending upon environmental conditions, try to clean your wood shutters at least once a week or more using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner hose. This will keep your shutters free of excess dirt and dust and make them easier to clean overall. A few times a month, spray a dusting cloth with wood polish and dust the shutters thoroughly. When dusting high shutters, make sure to use a stepping stool or small ladder; chairs and tables were not meant to support standing weight and they could easily tip or break underneath you. Spray a toothbrush with the spray polish and use it to clean the shutter’s hard-to-reach areas.

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