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If you are in the market for window shades in Denver, honeycomb shades may be a good option for your home. They offer three important, practical features: light regulation, privacy, and energy efficiency. However, these window shades are not as aesthetically pleasing as other kinds of window treatments, and are not as versatile as vertical or horizontal blinds. To get a better idea of what honeycomb shades actually look like and how they work, take a trip to your local showroom for a demonstration. If that is not convenient, contact your shade installation specialists and ask them if they will bring the showroom to you.

Because you can choose how sheer or opaque the fabric of your honeycomb shades is, you will be able to control the amount of light you want shining through the shades into your home. Privacy goes hand in hand with light regulation—the less light you allow through the shades, the more privacy you will get. Furthermore, the structure of honeycomb shades makes them ideal candidates to use over your windows for insulation; they are a cost-effective way to curb the excessive need to heat or to cool your home.


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