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Modern technology is making smart home features commonplace and automation a fully integrated part of the average life. As people become more accustomed to smart gadgets and automatic features, automated or motorized window coverings are becoming more of a topic of interest. What’s the best way to automate your window treatments? Let’s look at some of the factors to consider when you’re thinking about automation.

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  • First, is automation something you actually need? Sure, it’s cool, but creating a home in which all the blinds and drapes will open with the push of a button, or the sound of your voice can get expensive. If automating your window treatments won’t significantly benefit you, it may not be worth it. Here are some situations in which a window would benefit from automation:
    • The window is hard to reach.
    • The window is very wide or very tall, making closing the window coverings difficult.
    • It’s necessary for the window coverings to operate on a set schedule.
    • There are multiple window treatments in one room that need to be operated at once.
    • The shades, blinds, or drapes need to be centrally controlled by a home automation system that allows the creation of a certain atmosphere, as in a home theatre.
  • Your choice of window covering factors into the wisdom of automating. Different shutters, blinds, shades, and curtains have different purposes. Think about the privacy, light control, outside viewing, and design aesthetics when you’re deciding whether or not to automate. If you have certain window shades or heavy drapery, you may need hardwired controls to achieve your desired effect. If you’re just going to be opening a shade or two, it’s probably not practical to automate, but if there are several windows, operating the shades with a remote control might be preferable.
  • Consider integration when choosing automation. It’s important that your technology all works together, and it is possible for the house to be set up in such a way that one app will control lighting, music, security, garage door, and window coverings. Be aware that some brands are not compatible, and some high-end window coverings have their own proprietary technology and won’t work with every third party app. It’s crucial to talk to an expert before you make any decisions about automating your home blinds or curtains, so that your system will be future proof and worth the investment you make in it.

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