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When you’re creating your home’s décor, you probably meticulously consider every little detail, choosing each paint color, each piece of furniture, and each accessory with great care. Most people have a daydream idea of their dream house, from the landscaping to the indoor furnishings, but many fail to consider the impact that window coverings have on a home’s appeal. Window coverings come in such a great variety of forms and styles that you can certainly find something to fulfill the vision you have for your home.

Shutters have a flexible aesthetic and can fit any décor from rustic to elegant. It’s easy to make a home stand out when you add shutters, whether you’re going for shabby chic or a sophisticated look, and shutters can be used on the inside as well as the outside of a house.
Blinds are a time-tested window treatment for homes and businesses. When you’re purchasing blinds, consider what you need in terms of light control and privacy as well as style. Blinds can be configured to fit many different shapes and sizes of windows, which is one reason they’re so popular.
Shades are another versatile option. A cylinder of fabric that rolls at the top of the window, shades can be operated by a sidewinder chain or a cordless mechanism. They come in a wide range of colors, designs, and fabrics, and can be custom made to fit your windows.
No matter what type of window treatment you prefer, there are a few guidelines to consider when making your selection. Think about how much privacy you need, and how much light you want to let in. Consider, too, how the room’s exposure to sunlight affects its temperature. If your room faces south or west, installing products like cellular shades can reduce the heat transfer and cut down on your energy costs. If you’ve got wall-to-wall windows, you might want to choose solar shades, which reduce glare and block UV rays while still allowing you to see outside. Finally, think about the look you want for your home. Sometimes, combining blinds or shades with curtains can give a room an elegant flair. Curtains to the floor are most dramatic but may not be practical if you have children or pets. Above all, you want to look for window coverings that enhance the look of your home and furnishings while perfectly meshing with your personal style.

When you’re looking for custom window blinds and shutters, trust Value Blinds and Shutters for high-quality products from top manufacturers, like Hunter Douglas. For over 18 years, our factory-trained team has served homes and businesses all over Douglas County, CO, offering free in-home consultations and a showroom where customers can see our large selection of window treatments. Call 303-663-8120, contact us to schedule a consultation or visit our showroom Monday through Friday.

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