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If you are updating your window treatments or purchasing shutters for your new home, you may have a hard time knowing where to begin when it comes to choosing between shutter styles near Castle Rock. The shutter style that you ultimately choose should be based on a combination of the look you desire, and the performance that you require. Keep reading for a guide to choosing a shutter style and how to maintain your plantation-style shutter after it’s been installed.

Consider Your Aesthetic Tastes

When you think of your home’s overall décor, is it traditional or more modern? Plantation shutters are a versatile window treatment that look great in both contemporary and classically styled homes. Plantation shutters with a natural wood finish look great in homes that feature traditional touches such as hand carved moldings and paned windows. A white or light colored shutter will compliment a clean, modern look. Also consider the size of your windows. A large window or door looks terrific paired with a wide louvered shutter. To make small windows seem grander, select a shutter with a narrow louver.

Consider Your Performance Goals

When choosing your new shutters, you will want to consider whether you have any special performance goals in mind. Most shutters are quite low maintenance, but some shutters are especially great at resisting wear and tear. If you have kids, consider a shutter constructed from a composite material that can take some abuse without nicking or cracking. If you are outfitting a window that gets a lot of sun, look for a shutter that resists UV damage and sun-induced warping.

Maintain Your New Shutters

Your maintenance routine for your new shutters will depend on whether they are composite or real wood. If your shutters are composite, clean them with a mild soap and water when needed. If they are wood, use a wood polish periodically to keep them looking new. All shutters should be dusted regularly. An expert at your shutter retailer will be able to give you cleaning tips specific to the particular shutter style that you select.

Plantation Shutters

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