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Well-chosen shutters can be a great finishing touch for your home. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong shutters can have a negative effect on the appeal (and value) of your home, which is why it’s important that you take your time and consider all of your options to decide which shutters will work best to complement your home’s appearance. Here are some important factors to consider and discuss with your window coverings provider in Denver to select the right shutters for your home.


There are a wide variety of different types of shutters to choose from, and deciding which ones work best requires you to consider the style of your home. Colonial heritage homes in the New England fashion look best with solid or paneled shutters, while homes based on Southern architecture should be paired with louvered shutters. French country and other “informal” styles homes often look best with solid board shutters.


Shutters are available in wood, vinyl, and composite materials, and come in a wide variety of different colors. Unless you plan on repainting the rest of your home to match your new window coverings, it’s important that you consider your home’s primary color scheme and match the shutters accordingly. Whether you match the shutters to the color of the roof, front door, or windows, always select a different color than your home’s siding or trim.


Another important consideration is the physical size of the shutters themselves. The size of your windows, and the space in between windows, will determine the width and height of the appropriate shutters for your home. Ideally, the shutters you select should the same height as the windows but half their width (at least when used in pairs). A window treatment company in Denver can help you select the right size based on these and other important factors.

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