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Roman shades have become a leading interior design trend thanks to their timeless beauty and versatility. Still, as with all window treatments, you should clean them periodically to remove dust, pet hair, and stains that accumulate over time. The good news is Roman shades can be cleaned in numerous ways, depending on how soiled they are. Follow this guide to help you clean your Roman shades effectively.

Vacuuming Roman Shades

The fastest and easiest way to clean Roman shades is to vacuum them with the brush attachment designed for fabric. Doing this regularly can help prevent dust and other particles from building up.

For the best results, begin by fully extending the shade. Then, stand on a chair or step ladder to reach the top of the window covering. Vacuum from the top down, giving extra attention to the edges, corners, and folds where dust is most likely to accumulate. Finish by cleaning the windowsill to avoid transferring dust onto the shade.

Taking Down Roman Shades for Cleaning

You may find it easier to vacuum your Roman shades if you remove them from the window. You’ll also need to do this if you wash or dry clean your window treatments. Removing the shades from their track should be easy, but if you have trouble, contact the original installer for assistance.

Washing Roman Shades

Dust is one thing, but what if your Roman shades are stained or dirty? Before attempting to wash them, check the care tag for important warnings and instructions.

Depending on the material and construction, you may be able to wash the shades in your washing machine. However, the safer option is to wash them by hand.

After taking down the shades, spot-treat stained areas and rub gently with a damp cloth. For more widespread cleaning, soak the shades in lukewarm water with mild detergent.

Steam Cleaning Roman Shades

If you prefer not to soak your window coverings, steam cleaning is a good option, particularly if the shades are heavy or have an inner lining. Begin steam cleaning on the lowest heat setting and pass the cleaner quickly over the material to prevent overdoing it in one spot.

Dry Cleaning Roman Shades

Maybe you’ve tried everything to remove a stain, or you don’t want to risk cleaning your Roman shades yourself when the care tag says “dry clean only.” If that’s the case, you can always get a deep clean by taking your window treatments to a professional dry cleaner. This mild cleaning process is the safest option for delicate Roman shades that become stained or dirty.

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