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Everyone wants a home with big, beautiful windows, but all that natural light poses a problem in your home office. Sitting near a window can cause distracting glare, or direct sunlight may shine on your computer screen. Yet you don’t want to work in a dark corner of the house devoid of natural light. Fortunately, you can use these solutions to control glare in your home office.

Orient Your Desk Strategically

When setting up your home office, consider the window placement carefully. If you position your desk across from a window, your computer screen will end up with a big glare on it. That’s why it’s best to orient your desk either facing or perpendicular to the window. Of course, this gets tricky if you have windows on multiple walls.

Use the Right Window Treatments

In the best-case scenario, your home office faces north, so you never have to worry about direct sunlight streaming in. If that’s not the case, you can still use window treatments to your advantage. Here are three practical choices to consider.

Redirect the Light With Window Shutters or Blinds

The trick is to find window coverings that control the light without leaving you to work in total darkness. One option is to redirect the light with window shutters or blinds. On cloudy days, you may choose to set the louvers parallel to the floor for maximum natural light. Then, you can tip the louvers upward on sunny afternoons so the light reflects off the ceiling and gently illuminates the room below.

Soften the Light With Semi-sheer Roller Shades

Roller shades come in numerous patterns, styles, and light levels. A semi-sheer design could be best for your home office because it blocks direct sunlight without darkening the room too much. Some roller shades are even motorized, enabling smart home functionality and enhancing control of hard-to-reach windows.

Enjoy Partial Light With Top-Down/Bottom-up Cellular Shades

This unique style of cellular shades allows you to enjoy a view from the top of the window while blocking light at desk level. It works by opening from the top as well as the bottom. Many top-down/bottom-up shades even offer multiple light levels. For instance, one configuration may let in filtered light. Then, a quick pull on the shades darkens your home office completely. This allows you to optimize the perfect amount of light for any situation.

Shop for Home Office Window Treatments

Value Blinds & Shutters has the right window treatments to help you cut the glare in your home office. We proudly install custom, high-quality shutters, blinds, and shades from Hunter Douglas and other top brands. With over 18 years of experience serving the Denver area, we’re confident we can help you find something to suit your needs!

Give us a call at 303-663-8120 to request your free in-home consultation today. You can also visit our showroom in Castle Rock on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm to see different window coverings in action.

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