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While many workers have started heading back to the office, your boss may decide to keep some or all employees working from home for now. Hybrid, flexible work models are likely to become the new norm. That means Zoom meetings and conference calls are here to stay. With that in mind, you may be interested in creating an aesthetically pleasing background you can use from here on out. After all, that blank white wall, cluttered room, or bare window behind you just won’t cut it anymore.

  • Skip the digital background: Unless your company has a branded digital backdrop they want you to use, forgo the silly and distracting animated backgrounds available through video conferencing apps. The idea is to create a professional vibe, not begin every meeting joking about how you look like you’re in space or at the beach.
  • Improve your lighting: Good lighting is the key to looking your best in a virtual setting. Natural light only gets you so far, especially with the sunlight changing and shifting throughout the day. Invest in three-point lighting to eliminate shadows and glare, no matter the time of day.
  • Hang neutral wall art: The keyword here is “neutral.” You want your background to be engaging without distracting your viewers. A large piece of art or series of photos centered in the frame behind you is an ideal choice.
  • Set up a bamboo room divider: If you have your back to the room, hide the clutter with a strategically placed room divider. This option also helps prevent accidental guest appearances from family members. Since it’s portable, you can move the room divider when not in use to keep your home office flexible.
  • Decorate a bookshelf: Do you already own dozens of work-related books? Consider using them as your Zoom background. Along with row after row of books, you can also place artificial potted plants, framed photos, figurines, and other accessories on your bookshelf backdrop.
  • Install window treatments: Set up your computer in front of your office window. Then, install a beautiful window covering to serve as the perfect Zoom background. You might opt for simple wood shutters, visually striking woven shades, or gorgeous Roman shades with a bold geometric pattern. Whatever you choose, consider the window’s direction and your lighting needs. It may be best to select a room-darkening window treatment paired with an artificial light source to eliminate glare and unprofessional backlighting.

Turn to Value Blinds & Shutters for custom window treatments in the Denver area. We have over 18 years of experience working with top manufacturers like Hunter Douglas. Our clients love our top-quality products, unbeatable prices, and excellent customer service. Not sure what window covering will make the best Zoom background? Let us bring the showroom to you with a free in-home consultation! Contact us at 303-663-8120 to get started, or visit our showroom in Castle Rock on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

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