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It is no secret that Hunter Douglas shades in Castle Rock come in many varieties of colors, styles, textiles, and so much more. Having this many choices available to you may seem daunting at first, but it will also provide a great opportunity to achieve the perfect look throughout your home. Continue reading to learn how Hunter Douglas’custom shades can give you exceptional options while decorating your home.

Determine the Room You Are Decorating.

Before you can find the perfect window treatments for your windows, you need to determine which room, or rooms, you are decorating. Depending upon each room, you may change the type of window treatment, color, or pattern you choose. For example, your living room is often one of the brightest rooms in your house. You will likely want sheer window shades or shutters that can be easily opened and closed as needed. Your bedrooms are typically darker—since you and your family are likely sleeping in them—so you may prefer dark, custom shades that will guard against the sunlight when you are trying to sleep.

Consider Your Overall Design Scheme.

No matter which window treatments you choose, you must consider your home’s overall décor. Try to find window shades that match either in color or style throughout your home. Or create a cohesive design theme that can accommodate multiple types of shades, shutters, and blinds.

Find the Right Hunter Douglas Shade to Match.

Hunter Douglas makes some of the best window treatments on the market, with various features and style options. You will have many choices at your disposal when it comes to selecting what window shade, blind, or shutter design you wish to install on your many windows. For example, you may like the look and benefits that come with Hunter Douglas’ honeycomb shades. These shades are made with various pieces of interlocking fabric to create hundreds of honeycomb pockets that trap air for better insulation.

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