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After the installer has left you with your new shutters near Castle Rock, it is time to learn how to keep them looking brand new for years to come. Your shutters installer should have given you cleaning and maintenance directions, so be sure to follow those above everything else.

Weekly Vacuuming

Your shutters need regular maintenance, and that starts with weekly vacuuming using an attachment for easy reach. Depending on conditions in your home, you may want to vacuum more often than once a week. Certain factors—such as pet hair and heightened spore and pollen activity—can leave damaging effects on your wood shutters if they are not removed regularly. Weekly vacuuming will remove larger debris and dust before it builds up into a more difficult removal.

Monthly Dusting

You should dust and polish your wood shutters at least once a month. Purchase a wood polishing solution and spray your dusting cloth. Run the cloth over every slat, and try to get into the grooves and hinges. If there are really small grooves and hard-to-reach areas, spray the wood polish onto a toothbrush. This monthly polishing will keep your wood shutters looking well-cleaned and keep the color of the wood and stain from fading and greying.

Regular Cleaning

Before using any sort of cleansing product, consult your shutter installation company and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many interior wood shutters should not be washed with a detergent unless directed by a professional blind and shutter cleaner. Exterior shutters should undergo regular washing, though. Using a mop or long-handled brush, you will wash your exterior shutters with a mild detergent and water solution. You may also want to spray the shutters with a hose to remove any debris. After you have scrubbed the shutters, rinse the soapy water right away. Do not leave any soap residue on your shutters—it may permanently damage or mark the material. Unless given directions from a professional cleaner and installer, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning your shutters.

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