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Blinds are a functional and attractive window treatment option for your home. When you are shopping for blinds in Denver, you will have a range of styles and materials available to you. From wood blinds to vertical blinds and more, your new blinds can reflect the style and character of your indoor spaces. In order to get the most out of your new blinds, it is essential to clean and maintain your window blinds on a routine basis. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your blinds looking brand new. Here is an overview of some tips for keeping your blinds in good shape.

Vacuum Dust Away

Household dust can quickly accumulate on the surface of your blinds. To keep your blinds looking great, it is a good idea to vacuum dust away on a weekly basis. As you are vacuuming your blinds, you should be sure to use a brush attachment on your vacuum nozzle. This specialized attachment will ensure that your blinds are not damaged from the force of the vacuum.

Wipe off Dirt

Along with vacuuming light dust off of the surface of your blinds, you can also keep your blinds clean by gently wiping off dirt. Using a cotton cloth, you will be able to wipe dirt away with a simple solution of water and ammonia. This easy maintenance procedure can be performed once or twice a week, and will go a long ways towards preserving the look of your new blinds.

Perform Deeper Cleanings

Every few months, your blinds may require a deeper clean. When you are ready to thoroughly clean your blinds, you can start by removing your blinds from their window hanger. Next, you can place them in a tub that is filled with ammonia and water. After soaking your blinds, you can wipe them down with a sponge. After this deeper cleaning procedure, your window blinds will look completely fresh and new.

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