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When you are looking for the right Castle Pines window coverings for your home, you may find yourself drawn to the exquisiteness of interior shutters. Shutters are desirable because they are attractive and radiantly chic, as well as highly functional and versatile. If asked to describe what shutters look like, most people would probably come up with the mental image of plantation shutters—a popular fixture of old southern estates. When strictly used as interior applications, these shutters are known as California shutters—a distinction due partly to their wider slats, which are larger than their traditional counterparts. Here are some of the features of plantation shutters:

Aesthetical Qualities

All window treatments have basic functional qualities such as providing privacy, working as insulation, and controlling light levels. However, no other shutters can match the unique beauty that plantation shutters bring to a home. Not only are they customizable—you could paint them to match your trims or walls—but plantation shutters also enhance windows by elevating their overall style. Depending on the conditions of where you plan to install your new plantation shutters, you can opt for shutters that are solid wood, composite wood, or vinyl. Whichever material you decide to utilize, you can rest assured that you will not be sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Insulative Qualities

Unlike other types of window coverings that literally cover windows by draping over them, plantation shutters are constructed to fit snugly within the frames of windows, effectively creating near-airtight seals. What this means is that the heat-transfer potential through your windows’ glass would be dampened when shutters are closed. Combined with energy-efficient windows or decorative curtains, plantation shutters offer you savings on your next energy bill.

Light-Regulative Qualities

Along with their aesthetical and insulative qualities, plantation shutters give you control over the natural-light levels in your home. Much like horizontal blinds, plantation shutters have moveable slats that can be shifted up or down to allow as much light in as you wish. By virtue of this kinetic louver system, these shutters can also give you a great deal of privacy.

Young woman using mobile phone on the balcony with window shutters in old building.

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