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Every homeowner should be concerned with creating a more energy efficient home. They can save on energy use, which will save them money and positively impact the environment. Window treatments in Castle Rock can help influence a home’s efficiency significantly. Shade installers and manufacturers are developing custom shades and blinds that are more insulated than ever before. Here are just a few advantages you will find after you install your new window treatments:

  • Certain window treatments—such as Hunter Douglas blinds—have been specially designed to greater insulate a home against the outside heat. Hunter Douglas developed the “honeycomb” blind which has layers within layers of material meant to trap heat away from the rest of the house.
  • Your energy bill will lower with the installation of your window treatments, especially those designed to block heat.
  • The cooling system in your home will not have to work as hard, thus keeping wear and tear costs low.
  • You will also notice furniture, flooring, and paint may not fade as much with better window coverings. These coverings block the sun, which helps minimize any fading effects that might alter certain fabrics and materials. This can reduce your impact on the environment by allowing you to hold on to furniture longer and reduce the need for new paint and flooring replacement.
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