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Shutters are among the most sophisticated, eye-catching window coverings available today. In addition to the aesthetics of shutter windows, shutters regulate light, provide optimum privacy, and insulate against heat, cold, and noise better than a large number of other window treatments. When you visit a window treatment showroom in Denver, you will have a wide variety of interior shutters to choose from. These tips will help you pick the best shutters for your home.

Define Your Design Goals

Before you begin shopping for interior shutters, decide what type of look you are going for inside your home. The right shutters will depend on the overall design scheme and décor of your interior. Whether you’re interested in a sleek contemporary interior or a warm, cozy atmosphere, tell your Denver window designer what your design goals are and he or she can help you pick out the perfect interior shutters.

Research Different Shutter Styles

Once you have clearly defined your design goals, begin researching the different types of shutters available to you. Most shutters have horizontal louvers, or slats, that can be adjusted up and down with a vertical tilt rod. Plantation shutters have wider elliptical shaped louvers than traditional shutters, which make a more dramatic architectural statement. Panel shutters have no louvers but instead have molding-like trim and can feature decorative cutouts.

Learn About Different Shutter Materials

You’ll also need to research the different materials available to you. Wood shutters are most often made of basswood, a lightweight hardwood with consistent coloring and a tight, moisture-resistant grain. Engineered composite wood shutters provide the aesthetics of natural wood while being stronger and stiffer. Vinyl shutters are also popular, especially in moist or damp settings since they will not warp. Unlike wood, vinyl cannot be painted or stained, but comes prefinished in a range of popular colors.

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