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Your Hunter Douglas blinds come with many choices, such as which color, material, and style your new blinds should be. Choosing between vertical and horizontal window blinds near Castle Rock should not be a difficult choice, though. There are a couple tips that can help you determine which type of Hunter Douglas blinds you need gracing your windows. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Vertical window blinds are usually installed across large expanses of glass, such as a sliding glass door or a bay window. If you have either of these windows in your home, then you will do best to install vertical blinds.
  • Horizontal blinds should be reserved for your narrower windows. Horizontal blinds can become very heavy on the individual slats, and it may be difficult to lift your blinds if they are installed on wider windows.
  • Consult your Hunter Douglas blinds installer if you are unsure which windows should receive which blinds. Your installer has been trained in the best ways to use both types of blinds, and he can help you decide between vertical and horizontal blinds.
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