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What Window Coverings Fit a Sliding Glass Door? With sliders getting bigger and bigger it may seem like a challenge, but Hunter Douglas, a pioneer in innovative window solutions, offers a diverse range of options to ensure both functionality and style. At Value Blinds and Shutters, our experts are ready to help you find the perfect fit for your sliding glass door.

Energy Efficiency With Duette® Honeycomb Shades

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  • Ideal for Harsh Climates: Duette® Honeycomb Shades are a standout choice for those living in regions with harsh weather conditions. Their patented cell-in-a-cell construction creates an additional layer of insulation, making them 3X more insulating than any other shade on the market and perfect for patio and sliding-glass doors.
  • Versatility and Light Control: With a wide array of pleat sizes, colors, patterns, and textures, Duette® shades offer versatility. The Vertiglide™ system allows you to choose between using one shade to cover the entire slider or two independently operated shades for personalized light control.
  • Darkness on Demand: The LightLock™ system is a game-changer for spaces like media rooms. It employs an innovative side-channel to trap and absorb nearly all incoming light, providing the ultimate darkness experience.
  • VertiGlide™ Vertical Shade: The VertiGlide™ by Hunter Douglas is the most common shade we sell for sliding glass doors. It has a small stack, it is very energy efficient, and it look great.

Aesthetic Appeal Various Vertical Options

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  • Skyline® Gliding Window Panels: If you’re drawn to a sleek, contemporary look, Skyline panels offer over 600 color options and numerous textures. The flat, vertical fabric panels slide effortlessly, providing an easy-to-operate and stylish solution.
  • Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds: For those seeking a unique twist, Cadence blinds present beautifully curved vanes that mimic the appearance of drapery folds. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these blinds excel in sound absorption, creating a quieter ambiance in your living space.
  • Luminette® Privacy Sheers: Bridging the gap between sheer drapes and vertical blinds, Luminette sheers feature soft fabric vanes attached to a sheer face fabric. When tilted open, these sheers diffuse natural light beautifully. With an extensive range of fabrics, textures, and colors, they’re a versatile choice for wide expanses of windows.

Timeless Beauty and Durability With Newstyle® Composite Shutters

  • Classic Durability: Shutters might not be the first choice that comes to mind for sliding-glass doors, but NewStyle® Composite Shutters offer unmatched durability. Resistant to warping, cracking, fading, chipping, and discoloration, these shutters are perfect for areas with high heat or humidity. The shutter doors are put on a gliding track that allows them to slide just like the sliding glass door.
  • Design Options: With a wide range of design options, including colors and styles, NewStyle® Shutters allow you to personalize your space. As permanent fixtures, they not only enhance your living areas but can also increase the overall value of your home.

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If you are ready to get the perfect window covering for your sliding glass door give us a call at 303-663-8120 and our experts will be happy to schedule a free in-home design consultation to answer any questions you may have.

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