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Sunrooms are a popular home design feature for homeowners around the world. They add living space, value, and convenience to your home, providing an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed in any season.  At times though, even your Colorado Springs sunroom can receive too much sun and window coverings should be considered to ensure that you can enjoy your time in this space even on very sunny days.

Homeowners have a wide range of sunroom window treatments available today to help them find the best solution for their needs, with solar shades being one of the most popular. Explore some of the benefits of solar shades so you can decide if they are a fit for your home.

Benefits of Solar Shades

Installing solar shades can have a number of benefits to your home while providing a great space for relaxing with family and friends.

Solar Shades Deliver Protection From UV Rays

This type of window treatment will help protect your furniture and interiors from harmful ultraviolet radiation and fading which can be caused by too much sunlight coming in.

Solar Shades Are Made With High-Quality Fabric

Solar shades are made of quality fabrics that can ensure proper insulation. They will effectively block heat from entering your space while allowing natural sunlight to come inside which is perfect for places like sunrooms where you want to enjoy the beauty of nature during the daytime.

They Come in Designer Options

Solar shades come in a wide selection of fabrics and finishes including sheer, solar, and blackout to fit your design preferences. In fact, your solar shades can become a statement piece of your room. Choose from stylish Hunter Douglas varieties and other name brand beauties.

Solar Shades Offer Privacy

When it comes to privacy, solar shades for sunrooms offer the right level of opacity to ensure that you will have an intimate time even if the windows are open. The right setting can provide almost complete coverage while giving you access to full light when you desire it.

They Save You Money

Solar shades can help you save money because they also serve as insulators. They will prevent the heat from reaching inside the house, thus preventing air conditioning or heating costs from going up. They also keep away dangerous ultraviolet rays.

You Can Use Them Anytime

This type of shade can be used anytime and will allow you to control the amount of light that enters your home. You can use them in any season, adding the flexibility to entertain with outdoor views all year long!

Energy Savings

Solar shades installed on the south and west sides of the sunroom can help to block out direct sunlight, which can reduce energy costs during these times of day. You may also want to invest in high efficiency appliances for use in your sunroom such as an ENERGY STAR refrigerator or LED light bulbs to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

When shopping for solar shades in Colorado Springs, make sure you choose shade options with the right combination of style and function. Installing the best types of window treatments can ensure they deliver the privacy, protection from the elements, and energy savings you are looking for. Value Blinds and Shutters is known for their premium selection and unbeatable value. Uncover your perfect solar shade solution in Colorado Springs by contacting one of our experienced window specialists today!

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