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Motorized Skylights in Denver, CO

It has become common for homebuilders to put skylights in common areas in homes. This can cause these spaces to heat up quickly and experience an excess of direct sunshine. In order to keep the shade flat in the recess, tension needs to be created, which is the main challenge when covering these openings. For this problem, we have a variety of electric roof blind systems that can be utilized. Your opening should be less than 1.5 meters wide if you want the most cost-effective system with no visible wires. There is no need for mains power because a solar charger can power this.

At Value Blinds & Shutters, we provide motorized shades for all types and sizes of windows. skylights are a niche accessory that we’re happy to help you design and install. With modern motorized roof blinds, you can combine luxury and convenience in your home or business. Learn more about motorized skylights and visit our Denver showroom to see them for yourself.

Roof blinds

Do I Need Motorized Skylights?

When the sun beats down on your home throughout the summer, it causes you to need to take alternatives to lower the temperature in your home. This leads to higher energy bills and constantly running your air conditioner. If you have skylights and other roof-installed windows, you know how they can cause issues in extreme weather. Elevated glass roofs quickly get frigid during the winter, creating a pocket of cold air that dissipates any built-up warmth as it descends to the ground.

Many people have tried to conceal roof glass with drapes and fabric in the past. Though a good idea, we lacked the technology to implement the notion effectively at the time. The drapes and the pattern were rapidly pushed by gravity into grotesquely misshapen eyesores. New technologies available today make this goal a realistic and workable solution.

Benefits of Motorized Skylights

For homeowners who wish to cover their windows to block light or preserve privacy, window blinds are a popular option. They are great for modern houses since they have a sleek design, are simple to maintain, and are highly durable. Here are some of our favorite benefits of motorized roof blinds:

  • Energy Efficiency: Your home’s energy efficiency is improved by motorized shades in two ways: insulation and light control. Additionally, motorized window coverings provide you with amazing control over the lighting in your house. Turn off the lighting and fixtures and fully open the curtains to let in as much natural light as you can. To enhance the effectiveness of the illumination, you can program your shades to open and close at specified times during the day. Together, these elements can assist you in reducing your recurring utility costs.
  • Protect Your Furniture From UV Light: Furniture in your house is susceptible to fading, staining, and irreparable damage from direct sunlight. Motorized blinds enable automatic programming to regulate when and how much light enters the room, assisting homeowners in protecting their belongings.


  • You can safeguard your furnishings by scheduling your motorized shades to close at a specified time while avoiding having to remember to do so.
  • Simple Control & Automation: You would suppose that the relationship between window coverings and home security has to do with drawing the blinds to keep outsiders from peeping in. Although this may be the case, using motorized window blinds offers a far more advantageous solution than simply keeping your curtains closed.

Even if you are hundreds of miles away, motorized shades may run continuously throughout the day to give the impression that someone is home. More than any other window covering, motorized shades serve as a deterrent to would-be burglars, especially when paired with an automatic smart home lighting system.

Concealing Operations

If you are still in the construction phase, we can collaborate with your architect or builder to include the motor casings and side channels in the already completed construction. The cassette box that conceals the motor and blind can range in size from 110mm to 150mm broad, and the side channels are 33mm x 28mm wide. We will need access to the opening’s mains electricity. The motor and lithium-ion battery pack are concealed and incorporated with the shelf that supports the blind when retrofitting for smaller apertures.

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Let’s get started! If you have roof windows and skylights that let in too much sun in the summer or aren’t insulating your home enough in the winter, we have the solution. Visit Value Blinds & Shutters today to learn about how you can benefit from the luxurious features of motorized roof blinds.

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