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Motorized Window Coverings in Denver, CO

Windows exist in a wide variety of sizes and forms, but they are typically square or rectangular, making them appropriate for almost any sort of window treatment as well as motorization. We provide and install a huge selection of blinds that are powered by lithium batteries and the mains. For a quotation or to schedule a home consultation, contact us by phone or visit our showroom.

Duette Honeycomb Shades

What Are Motorized Shades?

With a motorization update, you can tilt your shades open and closed or raise and lower your shades with the push of a button. With this improvement, you can minimize hanging wires and make your home safer, making it ideal for households with pets or young children. Skylights and other difficult-to-reach windows are perfect for motorization. Additionally, if anyone in the house has mobility concerns, they’re a terrific choice. With motorization, there’s no need to raise bulky shades or reach for cables.

The utmost convenience is provided with motorized blinds or shades. To reduce undesired glare or sunshine in a bedroom or media room without having to physically reach the blinds, think about using them. A motorization improvement is recommended for its exquisite design, use, and increased safety.

Benefits of Motorized Shades

Including technology in all of your window coverings has a number of benefits, such as:

  • Safety: A young toddler might be injured by drawstrings and cords. A dog or cat’s obsession with the ties that raise and lower their blinds, shades, or shutters is well-known to anybody who has had one. By removing any objects for your kids and dogs to grip, automated window treatments are a great way to increase their safety. The cordless design not only improves safety but also extends the life of the actual plantation or roman blinds.
  • Energy Efficiency: If maximum energy efficiency is what you want, motorized window coverings should definitely be installed. The cause? You can enhance your home’s efficiency and take a break from using your HVAC system with PowerView®. For instance, at the touch of a button, you can fully open the blinds to maximize natural light and close them at night. While it is possible to do this with conventional shades and blinds, doing it throughout the entire home is far more difficult. Motorized shades are not susceptible to such flaws.
  • UV Protection: Both wood and upholstered furniture’s inherent sheen can be damaged by UV radiation, which over time, can cause them to fade. Damage and discoloration can be prevented. Motorized blinds come with unique settings that let you specify timings for when they close, letting you protect pricey or antique furnishings from UV rays until you’re ready to use them.
  • Increased Security: Have you ever opened a shade before leaving for work or a vacation on business? If so, you had no control over the situation. However, since you can regulate the shades and set timings for when they’re raised or lowered, motorized window coverings completely remove that scenario. As a consequence, your home is safer because burglars can’t check the windows to see if you’re home or not. Think about happier, more significant things instead of worrying about whether you closed the curtains.
  • Increased Resale Value: We install your motorized window treatments, making sure they fit snuggly and lift and drop with ease. As a result, your home’s value increases, which is only advantageous if you decide to sell. Automated blinds, plantation shutters, or roman shades will give your house an opulent vibe even if you decide to stay put. Our automated solutions not only function flawlessly, but the window coverings they operate are constructed of high-quality materials and have a sophisticated appearance, adding to the increased property values.

Why Us?

Customers in Denver, Colorado have trusted Value Blinds & Shutters for almost 2 decades for window treatments and blind installation in residences and businesses. We are a locally owned with a showroom where we showcase our premium solutions from leading window coverings producers like Hunter Douglas. We bring the samples to you during our free in-home consultations so you can see firsthand how beautiful your house will appear with new window coverings. Monday through Friday get in touch with us to schedule a consultation or stop by our showroom today.

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