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Getting new window coverings for your living room is an easy way to give your house a new style. And if you’re moving into a new home, picking out the blinds and window treatments for your living room is an important part of the decorating process. If you want to know what materials are a good fit for your living room window coverings, it largely depends on the style of the rest of your house, but we can give you lots of useful information to help you decide.


Wood shutters can convey a cozy, natural, old-fashioned feel. Make sure to choose a type of wood that doesn’t clash with your floors, if they’re hardwood, or any other wood features in the room. The natural wood look can be incorporated tastefully throughout the house. White shutters give a solid, clean and traditional feel. Composite shutters are resistant to moisture, UV rays and pests.


Drapes are thicker than curtains and often extend to the floor, and are therefore very effective at blocking light and heat. This can be a great feature for your living room if the room gets too much sun for you to read, work or watch TV. Drapes can also retain heat in the winter, reducing heating costs. Stylistically, drapes often add an air of luxury or elegance, especially with a plush fabric like velvet or satin.


Curtains can be made from a fine lace or sheer material that lets in a good amount of light while retaining privacy. There are many styles, colors and patterns available to match your taste. Just make sure the pattern doesn’t overpower the rest of your decor.


Shades are pulled down from the top of a window. They are usually either a flat, glossy material that rolls down from a tube (which has an old-fashioned quality but is great at blocking light) or a more modern translucent fabric in a honeycomb or cellular configuration that folds down accordion-style from a headrail. These are very different options that can match the style of the rest of the house.


Blinds can be vertical or horizontal, wooden or vinyl. Newer blinds can also be automated to adjust for outdoor lighting conditions, or programmed to open and close when you like. Some units come with a remote control so you can adjust to your whim. All of these features are available with a variety of styles and fabrics to match your style.

Value Blinds and Shutters

For the past 18 years, customers have relied on Value Blinds & Shutters for window treatments and blind installation in homes and businesses all over Douglas County, CO. We are a locally operated business with a showroom displaying our high-quality products from the top manufacturers in window coverings, including Hunter Douglas. Our team offers free in-home consultations where we bring the samples to you for a first-hand look at how your home will shine with new window treatments. Contact us to schedule a consultation or visit our showroom Monday through Friday.