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The battle of custom Vs. generic blinds is never ending. With tons of online ready-made blinds available it’s important to understand the major differences between the two. In this blog we will show you the pros and cons and help you make your decision.

Generic Blinds

Limited Design Palette

Bound by mass production, these treatments offer a restricted range of styles, colors, and patterns. This not only limits your ability to make a unique design statement. But also makes it incredibly hard to match trim color if you are going for a plain white look.

Cost-Driven Quality

To keep prices low, manufacturers often compromise on fabric and build quality. This leads to window coverings that are prone to breaking often. Some online retailers offer a warranty, but in our experience they do not honor it. Saying that the the blinds did not break due to manufacture defect, but incorrect use.

One-Size-Fits-Most Sizing

These treatments adhere to standard sizes, not only leaving homeowners with the challenge of finding a suitable fit for their unique windows, but also big light gaps on each aide of the treatment. Another drawback of this generic sizing is that installation can be quite difficult when window coverings aren’t properly sized.

Limited Functionality

It’s 2024, window coverings should do more then block out sun. They serve as decorations, integrate into your smart home, and have the ability to drive up the value of your home. When you buy generic blinds, you give up this added functionality.

Custom Blinds

Professionals to Help You at Every Step

We know that custom blinds are an investment. That’s why when you call us at Value Blinds and Shutters we have a design expert come to your house to measure and help you pick out your product. When your window coverings arrive at our warehouse, our expert installers will come to your house and install you window coverings for free. If you every have an issue, our repair techs will come to your house and fix the issue for free. None of those services come with generic window coverings.

Man repairing the window

Design Freedom

Custom blinds are built specifically for you. Whatever color you are looking for and whatever vibe you are looking to create, we have a product to fit your needs. Our designers are experts in our field and are ready to help you choose the product that best suits you.

Premium Fabric and Build Quality

Our Hunter Douglas window coverings are built to last a lifetime. With the best lifetime warranty in the industry, and a company that stands behind their work you can rest easy knowing your investment will be there for a long time. We have our own expert repair technicians that are ready to fix any issues you have for free.

Custom Sizing

Each treatment is meticulously measured and crafted to fit your specific windows. No window is perfectly square, that’s why we measure down to the 1/16th of an inch and meticulously fit your shades to your windows on installation day. When you are adding an accent to your home, you want it to look good.

Advanced Functionality

From the most energy-efficient shade in the industry to the revolutionary illuminated shade to advanced motorization, we have what you are looking for. Window coverings shouldn’t be boring. They should be an accent to your home and shape the feel of each room.

Custom Fabric

Custom Vs. Generic Blinds – Time to Make the Choice

When it comes to custom vs. generic blinds the choice comes down to your priorities. If the upfront cost is the main concern and you don’t mind a generic look, installing yourself, or replacing the window coverings every year or so store-bought might be for you. However, if you seek a custom fit, superior quality, a lifetime warranty, functionality that aligns with your lifestyle, and professional installation, custom is the undisputed champion. When you are looking for companies to buy custom window coverings from make sure to ask if they install, maintain, and repair for free. We do at Value Blinds and Shutters, but not many other companies do.

If you are ready to see the difference custom blinds make, give us at Value Blinds and Shutters a call 303-663-8120 and we will schedule a free in home consultation.

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