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If you’re looking for new window treatments for your home, you should consider investing in energy-saving window coverings near Denver.Energy-efficient window treatments allow you to let light into your home during the day, decreasing your reliance on electric lighting. They can also block out harsh sunlight that will make your home hotter in the summer, causing your cooling bill to increase. Keep reading to learn about amazing window shades, shutters, and blinds that can save you money on your energy bills.

Window Shades

When window shade installation is done properly, shades can be a very simple, effective way to save money on heating and cooling costs. Shades should be installed as close to the window’s glass as possible, with the sides of the shades flat against the wall. This will significantly reduce the amount of hot or cold air that can enter your home through your windows. Roller shades and roman shades have layers of fiber batting and sealed edges that act as insulation and air barriers.

Window Blinds

Vertical blinds and horizontal blinds are very effective at insulating against the harsh heat of the summer. Interior window blinds allow you to adjust the slats to control ventilation and light. When reflective window blinds are lowered and closed during the summer, they can reduce your home’s heat gain by 45%. Exterior roller blinds, also called aluminum blinds or wood blinds, are mounted on the exterior of the home, above each window. These can be lowered during the day to protect your home from heat gain.

Window Shutters

Exterior and interior window shutters can reduce heat gain and loss, and help you control light in your home. Shutter installation not only will help you reduce your energy bills, but will also afford your home added security and weather protection. Interior shutters, such as plantation shutters or norman shutters, are classy and minimalist, and complement any home aesthetic. You can adjust the shutters’ louvers to control air ventilation and light. Solid shutters decrease heat loss and heat gain.

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