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Do window coverings increase resell value of your home? The short answer is they can, but only the right type. Windows act as a focal point of every home, allowing light in and shaping the the feel for the room. The right window treatments transform a house, making it stand out and potentially increasing its value. However, not all window treatments are created equal when it comes to increasing resell value. In this guide, we’ll dive into the key factors that determine how window treatments impact home value, the types of treatments that can increase value, and considerations for maximizing return on investment.

How Do Window Treatments Increase Home Value?

Curb Appeal

  • Windows contribute significantly to a property’s curb appeal.
  • Updated window treatments play a crucial role in shaping the first impression for potential buyers.
  • Dirty, broken, or outdated treatments will be seen as an added expense for the buyer, not as value added to the property.
  • Ample natural light is a major selling point for homes.
  • The right window treatments accentuate natural light, making the home feel more spacious and inviting.
  • When window coverings add to curb appeal, they increase the homes resell value.

Potential Cost-Savings

  • Custom window treatments, like the Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shade, contribute to cost savings by reducing heating and cooling expenses.
  • Energy-efficient treatments can be a compelling selling point for buyers, especially when they are backed by the industry leading limited lifetime warranty.

Factors That Diminish Value

Outdated or Damaged Treatments

  • Damaged, discolored, or incorrectly installed window coverings can detract from a home’s overall value.
  • Inexpensive options, especially plastic or metal blinds, are seen as something that needs to be replaced by the buyer.

Improperly Sized or Non-functional Treatments

  • Treatments that are not properly sized or lack functionality will not add to home value.
  • Buyers seek treatments that serve a purpose and enhance the overall aesthetics of the home.

Types of Window Treatments That Increase Home Value


Motorized Shades

Home automation has drastically increased in popularity and demand over the last few years. Gen III motorized shades from Hunter Douglas can be set to a timer, controlled straight from your phone, or controlled with Alexa and Google. These features are attractive to buyers and can be a selling point to your home. When they are already part of your home they significantly increase resell value.

Living Room

Plantation Shutters

  • Plantation shutters are both functional and stylish.
  • Custom-made shutters allow for adjustable light control, enhancing the overall value of the home.
  • Custom shutters are built to last a lifetime. From our experience, we have seen shutters add up to $10,000 in resell value to a home.

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