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A dining room with white shutters and a table

When you are shopping for premium window coverings for your home, look no further than the terrific line of products that are available from Hunter Douglas. With their exceptional style, great energy efficiency, and premium sun protection, Hunter Douglas shades are perfect for every room in your house. Before you purchase Hunter Douglas serving Castle Rock, you may have some questions about what you can expect from your new installation. Let’s review some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Hunter Douglas product styles.

Will Palm Beach Shutters Protect My Home From the Sun?

If you are concerned about the sun’s rays damaging the interior of your home and potentially harming yourself and your loved ones, you should check out the line of Palm Beach plantation shutters from Hunter Douglas. These durable and stylish shutters will block the sun’s rays, leaving your indoor spaces cool and fresh throughout the hottest days of the summer season. You will also find that your new Palm Beach shutters are very easy to clean and maintain throughout the seasons.

Are Heritance Hardwood Shutters Crafted From 100% Natural Wood?

When you are shopping for new shutters that have been crafted from natural materials, the Heritance line of Hunter Douglas products may be right for your needs. With the Heritance collection, you will receive beautiful shutters that have been created from 100% natural hardwood materials. By installing new Heritance shutters in your home, you will bring the beauty of natural wood to your indoor spaces.

What Are Some Operating Systems That Are Available for My New Product?

All Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, and shutters can be equipped with several different operating systems. To bring your home into the new millennium, consider the PowerView® motorized operating system, which will allow you to open and close your window coverings with the push of a button. For fully adjustable privacy settings, you can also select a Top-Down/Bottom-Up system. All Hunter Douglas operating systems have been engineered with safety and convenience in mind.

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