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A window with white blinds and a wooden window sill

If you want your window treatments to make a stunning style statement in your home, be sure to explore your options for Roman shades. Unlike conventional shades, which are made out of vinyl or other sleek materials, Roman shades are crafted from gorgeous fabrics. When you draw your Roman shades, they will fold up and create beautiful patterns along the top of your window. A company that creates custom shades near Castle Rock will be able to craft the beautiful Roman shades that you have always wanted for your home.

When you are ready to order your custom shades, you will find that your Roman shades can be fabricated in a variety of different options. Some popular options for Roman shades include tiered, textured, or woven designs. You can also go with more traditional window coverings, which are made out of smooth fabric. To get a sense of what type of Roman shade will fit best with your decorations, you can ask your window covering experts to provide you with samples of several different styles.

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