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Maybe you didn’t realize how drafty your windows were until the winter winds started blowing. If replacement windows aren’t in the budget, rest assured that you have other options to keep your home warm and lower your energy bills this winter. The trick is to install the right window coverings.

Cover Your Windows

When it comes to temperature control, any window covering is better than nothing. After all, windows account for 10% to 25% of a home’s heat loss in the winter. As a result, uncovered windows are significant energy wasters.

Rest assured that your new window treatments won’t become obsolete when the snow melts in the spring. If your shutters, shades, and blinds help keep winter temperatures out, they will also block the blazing summer sun, promoting year-round comfort and efficiency.

Pick the Right Window Coverings

To notice a difference in your comfort level and energy bills, be sure to cover every window in your home. Also, keep in mind that window coverings insulate better against the cold when installed close to the glass. Here are some of the most insulating products available:

  • Energy-saving honeycomb shades create a pocket of air to limit heat transfer through the window and reduce heat loss by up to 40%. Available in single-, double-, and even triple-cell configurations, these window shades are specifically designed with energy efficiency in mind. They also come with light filtering and blackout capabilities, often available in a single window covering.
  • Insulating shutters are a great option because they fit tightly within the window frame, blocking any air from coming in the sides. Thick, insulated louvers also act as an efficient air barrier when closed. Still, you have the option to angle the louvers or swing the shutters wide open, depending on your lighting and ventilation needs. Just remember to choose custom-made windows shutters for the best fit and functionality.
  • High-quality blinds made of real wood, composite wood, or vinyl provide excellent window-insulating capabilities. This is especially true of inside-mount blinds designed to leave little space between the slats and the window frame. Thick, insulated blinds are the best choice for keeping your home warm this winter.

Put on Layers

Window shutters, shades, and blinds offer the first line of defense, but for the best protection against freezing outdoor temperatures, you should dress your windows in layers. This might mean adding fleece-lined drapery panels and thermal valances along the top. Floor-to-ceiling drapes provide superior insulation. Just remember to open your window coverings on sunny winter days for natural heat gain. Then, close them tightly over your windows at night for maximum insulating power.

Value Blinds & Shutters offers custom window coverings to help Colorado homeowners and businesses stay warm this winter. For the best prices on name-brand window blinds, shades, and shutters, please call us at 303-663-8120 and request your free in-home consultation today. You can also visit our showroom in Castle Rock on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

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