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When the leaves start drifting down from the trees, and the weather turns chilly, you naturally adjust your wardrobe to reflect the changing seasons. Gone are the lightweight tank tops and breezy shorts, replaced by cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks. It’s natural to wear warmer clothes in the fall, but have you considered that your windows should do the same?

Why Replace Your Window Coverings in the Fall?

Here are the top reasons why fall is a great time to replace your window coverings:

  • Aesthetics: The changing season is ideal for updating your home decor, including your window coverings, especially if your existing window blinds and shutters are damaged, faded, or the wrong color for your design style.
  • Insulation: Just as warmer outfits keep you comfortable this time of year, heavier window coverings boost home insulation to minimize drafts and lower your energy bills. You can benefit from this year-round, but fall and winter are when you notice it the most.
  • Functionality: Are your window coverings snagging, unable to operate properly, or falling apart? Maybe you’re tired of standing on a stool to open and close the blinds installed on upper windows. New cordless blinds, perhaps with motorization, are the key to improving functionality.
  • Home value: There are many ways to increase your home’s value, and replacing the window coverings is certainly one of them. Consider that new window shutters or blinds make your home more beautiful inside and out, a quality that appeals to potential buyers.

How to Choose New Window Blinds and Shutters

Once you’re confident you want to replace your window coverings this fall, it’s time to consider your options. To help you make the right decision, think about what you need from your window coverings. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you want bright light, a darkened room, or blackout capabilities? Some window treatments offer multiple light control options for flexibility in different situations.
  • Is privacy a must? Sheer coverings allow light to entire while blocking the interior from prying eyes.
  • Are you looking for a creative solution for your sliding glass doors? Vertical blinds are a must for controlling light and ensuring privacy.

Replace Your Window Coverings With Help From Value Blinds & Shutters

If your windows have unusual dimensions or you have a unique look in mind, you may not be able to find what you’re looking for off the shelf. That’s where Value Blinds & Shutters comes in. We offer custom-designed solutions for Colorado homeowners and businesses looking for beautiful aesthetics and fantastic functionality. Not only can we help you select window blinds and shutters, but we can expertly install them to ensure the best results.

When you’re ready to replace your current window shutters and blinds with something new and fresh this fall, please call us at 303-663-8120 to request a free in-home consultation. You can also visit our showroom in Castle Rock on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

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