Looking at Popular Shutter Collections from Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is a world-renowned supplier of window treatments and shutters near Castle Rock. When it comes to shutters, Hunter Douglas offers three collections: Heritance®, NewStyle®, and Palm Beach™. These shutter styles range from real hardwood to hybrids to compounds that create attractive and durable window shutters. Let’s take a closer look at the popular shutter styles and collections offered by Hunter Douglas. Heritance Window Shades in Castle Rock

Heritance ®

Heritance® shutters are made from real hardwood, and they can be constructed in several different stain or paint finishes. There are seven color categories that range from white to brown to dark grey. Within each category are several different color options to match any interior décor. In addition to multiple color choices, the handcrafted Heritance® shutter series utilizes different artisan techniques to further enhance the beauty of these shutters, such as glazing, distressing, and adding textures. Heritance® shutters can also utilize the Bi-Fold Track System, which offers superb support and folding capability to these window shutters.


NewStyle® shutters are considered hybrid shutters that combine real wood and modern materials into a durable and attractive window treatment. These plantation shutters can cover entire doors in a variety of colors ranging from a Crisp White to a Warm Amber. Due to the hybrid construction, the NewStyle® design has a low-luster finish and will last for several years with minimal maintenance. These shutters also offer 99% protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. There are a variety of operating systems homeowners can choose, such as the Bi-Fold Track System or the Bypass Track System.

Palm Beach™

Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ plantation-style shutters are created with a compound that is guaranteed to never warp, discolor, fade, or crack throughout its lifetime. These shutters can handle damp environments and accidental spills with no problem. To clean them, use a mild mixture of soap and water. Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ shutters are also reinforced with aluminum and resin for extra stability. Among other operating systems, these shutters also utilize the Lantana™ system where no tilt bar is required to move the shutters up or down.


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