Your Guide to Popular Shutter Materials

When it is time to install shutters over your windows, you have some popular choices available, such as the colors and materials. Vinyl, wood composite, and wood shutters near Castle Rock are all great shutter materials that will fill your home with beauty and stability. Here is a better look at the popular shutter materials you can choose: Popular Shutters in Castle Rock


Wood makes one of the best materials for interior shutters. Wooden shutters are natural insulators that will keep the temperatures from fluctuating in your home. There are many wood species to choose from, such as red cedar, which will last for several years with proper maintenance. Wooden shutters are also an eco-friendly choice, because they will remain sturdy and beautiful for a long time, and they often come from eco-sustainable forests. Wooden shutters can come in many different colors, whether they are stained, painted, or sealed in their natural color.

Wood Composite

Wood composite shutters are made from sawdust, glue, and an outer coating of vinyl or paint. These shutters are made to resemble high-quality wooden shutters, but they will resist warping and remain sturdy over a long period. Wood composite shutters should not be exposed to high levels of moisture, because they can swell. These shutters cannot be stained, like wood, but they do come in a variety of prefabricated colors and stains.


Vinyl shutters typically come pre-manufactured in various colors and designs, which can look like wood if you desire. Though they come in many choices, vinyl shutters cannot be stained or painted once they have been manufactured. Vinyl shutters are easy to maintain, and they will last for many years if cared for properly. They are best installed in areas that experience high amounts of moisture, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or basement. Vinyl is not considered as strong as wood, so it is important to install these shutters on narrower windows or use a divide rail for further support.


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