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Custom Window Blinds in Denver

Window blinds are a wonderful way to transform any room giving it a brand new look while increasing the value of your property. If you are seeking blind installation for a home or office in the Castle Rock, Denver and Surrounding area, Value Blinds and Shutters can help you select and install high-quality window treatments, including Hunter Douglas blinds that you will enjoy for years to come, all at affordable prices. Our staff is here to offer you the professional advice and assistance you need when shopping for customized blinds in Castle Rock and the surrounding area. Choosing the right type of window treatments can make a world of difference for any room. With that one change, you can make any room in your home or office appear more elegant, more professional, or more stylish. Blinds are one of the most popular window treatments, and for good reason—they have a simple, classical visual appeal that can’t be imitated.

If you’re interested in installing blinds, Value Blinds and Shutters can provide you with the high-quality window treatment you’re looking for. We offer free consultations and no-obligation quotes; our team will visit your building in Castle Rock and help you find the perfect set of blinds for your needs. When you purchase blinds from us, you’ll also receive full installation services free of charge.

White Shades in Bathroom

Types of Blinds We Offer

Our vast selection of quality blinds includes:

Hunter Douglas

Wood: Stained or Painted
-Bass, Cherry or Oak available
-Green Certified (Hunter Douglas)
Composite Wood

Arches & Specialty Shades Available

Other Options
Slat Size
Operating Systems: Wands, Standard Cord, Continuous Cord Loop, Retractable Cords, Cordless, Motorized (Power Lift or Power Tilt)

All of our blinds help conserve energy by reducing the amount of permeating heat and cold.

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Top Three Benefits of Blinds

New window blinds add personality and functionality to the windows in your home or office.

  1. Blinds offer a versatile level of privacy that you can adjust with a simple touch. Blinds can be completely raised for a full view or left down with the slats open for a partial view. Slats can be tilted upward or downward during the day to allow for more complete privacy without sacrificing artificial light, while they can be closed completely for privacy and safety at night.
  2. Window treatments add a finished look to your windows and your property. Bare windows can detract from the look of a room, while blinds add complementary color, texture, and style in addition to functionality.
  3. The harmful UV rays in sunlight can cause damage to finishes, furniture, and even documents or photos over time. Blinds can help to protect your property by blocking the UV rays that cause fading and warping. You can still enjoy the benefits of natural lighting in your home or office while eliminating direct sunlight with your blinds.
White Blinds in Kitchen

Choose Us for Your Blinds

Choosing the right blinds for your needs is essential to achieving the look and energy savings you want. Purchasing customized blinds offers you many advantages over selecting stock blinds and window coverings. Working with a custom window covering professional in Denver means getting exactly the look you want, rather than having to settle for a prefabricated option. You can mix and match your preferences for style, material, pattern, and functionality in a way that provides you with endless options.

Modern window blinds are available in a number of different materials. These are some of the materials that are most widely in use today:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum blinds are extremely durable and resistant to moisture, so they are suitable for virtually any setting.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl blinds are sleek and elegant-looking, along with being rust-proof, easy to clean, and cost-effective.
  • Faux wood: Faux or composite wood blinds combine wood with synthetic plastic, thus providing both the inimitable appearance of wood and the toughness of plastic.

Why Work With a Professional?

Customized blinds are the best way to ensure that you get precisely the type of window treatments you want for your building. When you work with a window treatment professional, you can tailor the treatments to find products that will meet your budget. You can also peruse the various materials that are available so you can pick one that is both cost-effective for you and suitable for your needs. You can even mix and match different styles, functions, and materials, so you won’t be confined to a single look or design for your entire building.

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Castle Rock’s Biggest Selection of Quality Blinds

Value Blinds and Shutters has served all of Castle Rock, Denver and Surrounding area for 10 years and currently offers the biggest selection of quality window coverings at affordable rates. If you are looking to have blinds installed in your home or commercial building, don’t walk into a home improvement store or take a trip to a warehouse. We will bring the showroom to you so you can see what our products look like in your home.


Why Choose Value Blinds and Shutters?

For the past decade, our company has built the largest selection of name-brand blinds in Denver for the best prices around. We offer quality products for a competitive price, along with free measuring and installation. Your initial quote and in-home estimate is also free, so don’t hesitate to speak with a blinds specialist regarding your project. We can help you make an educated decision regarding which choice is right for you. Stop by our showroom today to get quality blinds at affordable prices.

Call Us Today for Your Free In-Home Estimate!